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100 People 100 Stories

People inspire me. I have met incredible people during my travels and the conversations have been life changing. I am on a mission to ask 100 people to translate “Experience Your Life” in their language. This section is dedicated to their stories, their journey and their smiles. They are from all parts of the planet, all religions, gender and races. Ultimately , they represent only one race – the human race!

Live from Katmandu. #NoMoreApathy

#NoMoreApathy. Apathy does not help anyone. It does not help the town, the community, the country, the world and it definitely does not help the individual self. This is a [...]

Sophie – Bon Voyage to Africa!

The world is full of people who follow the beaten path and spend the best years of their life doing things they actually don’t care about. Then there are a few that blaze [...]