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Recent Interview – The Library Story!

Honoured to be on this wonderful show and talk about the life changing experience I recently had in Nepal of building two libraries. Thank you Mani & Fariha for your continuous support and positivity. As I mentioned in the discussion, the real reason why we constructed these two libraries in record time are the local heroes in Nepal like the children who worked non-stop to build these libraries with me, Shyam Krishna (Principal of the school deep in the Himalayas), Pramod Shrestha (Principal of the school in Katmandu), Sumitra Shrestha (teacher in Katmandu) and countless others. Thank you for allowing me in your life so I could witness firsthand your sincere dedication to empowers children through education every day. You inspire me and together, we are going to illuminate the world together with the brilliance of knowledge. Here is the interview:


Here is the video of my second library deep in the Himalayas:

Here the video of our first library in Katmandu, Nepal :

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