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Himalayan Library Completed in 3 days

The blueprint for Library in a Week works!

When you want to follow your passion – the universe conspires to help you” The Alchemist. Its done! Experience Your Life library in the remote village of Tal is complete in a record 3 days of 15 hour work days! I almost cant believe it myself and again a bigger force took over to line everything up. The sequence of events and how we got support was unreal – note that nearest road is 5 hours by jeep away – I am writing about this in my book so we can take this knowledge and illuminate the world. The blueprint of Library in a Week works! The video captures the whole journey and includes raging waterfalls, treacherous jeep rides and most important the love of the villagers. Enjoy this journey!

I experienced the huge heart of a small village of 200. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life. At our opening ceremony – the whole village came, the children wore their traditional dress, there were danceĀ  performances, and then the most unexpected thing happened. Every SINGLE PERSON bought a gift – the cloth that is a sign of respect and appreciation, Nepali cap, teeka, flower necklaces, flowers, traditional dress of the remote region and most importantly their love. They opened their hearts and there were tears in many eyes.

My work here is done and I am writing the whole process in my upcoming e-book. You an pre-order a copy and support this initiative here

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