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Library in a Week – The Journey!


Building the first Experience Your Life library in Katmandu Nepal was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. The video below captures the journey, the physical one in terms of the work as well as the emotional moments where people came together, in love and compassion to build something that is bigger than all of us individually. As I head into the Himalayan mountains on a 20 day trek to reflect on this experience, to capture the blueprint that will provide a repeatable framework to build many more libraries. It is my vision to create many more, and to facilitate others to do the same. Library in a week will become a phenomena that will facilitate and accelerate empowerment of children and youth around the world. Those that need it the most.

On a personal note, the love that I experienced by the local community cannot be described in words. The bonds that were formed through this intense experience are there for life.

Stay tuned for more updates as I emerge out off my three week trek hopefully with the blueprint and my book close to completion. The raw footage from the journey and the opening ceremony is captured below. Enjoy!









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