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Experience Your Life Library is COMPLETE in 4 days – Books NEEDED

The last 5 days have been one of the most productive and rewarding experience of my life. Through a very bizarre serious of events, fueled by human empathy of local Nepali’s, we were able to complete the library from 0 % (i.e. landing in to a country in which I did not know a single person) to 100% (i.e. completing the library, developing a strong network of supporters across academia, government, the business community and students. The official launch of the library is on Sunday and will be attended by over 200 people. The energy around the project is leading to new students registering for the school. It is giving hope to those that need it the most and it is inspiring me to write about the whole experience in my book and replicate it in another place. I still can’t believe what we have accomplished in 4 days.

I need your support to add more quality books to the library and I am trying to raise additional funds (approximately 2000 dollars on top of the original campaign amount). The time to act is now. I have decided to go ahead with it regardless but your support will certainly help. You can do so at

More polished videos/photos will come when I have time after Sunday. Here are some raw and chronological pictures that will show the progress and ultimately the impact we are having through this project. This message can’t wait as I need your support in filling the library with the best books possible.





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