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Meet Aziza. She prefers bread over ice-cream

What kind of child does not like ice cream? A hungry one.


“My name is Aziza and I don’t like ice cream. Sometimes people with funny dresses from outside Morocco offer to buy me ice cream but I am so hungry that I prefer to have a piece of bread instead. When someone offers me bread I start jumping up and down in joy. I make sure that I enjoy every little piece of it – I lick the bag that the bread is in and then sit on the floor of the street to enjoy. I live on a street just at the corner of the famous Jema-al-Fanaa square in Marrakech. I see many people walk by wearing very nice clothes but I don’t understand why they don’t stop to talk to me, play with me or sometimes share what they are eating. Whenever, I get a piece of bread, I make sure that I share the bread with my brother. I like my life and I am happy – the only thing that would be nice is a little bit more bread everyday.”



I met Aziza and her family in my last trip to Morocco. It was one of the many experiences that strengthen my resolve to act on youth empowerment. Below is the video of her reaction when she receives the first meal of the day. The apathy of people in the video is obvious. Any big city around the world is no-different. We must act to make a difference whenever the opportunity arises.  Is there really a better way in this world to spend 20 cents? I can’t think of any.






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