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Honoured to speak at Sheridan College on 25th March

Sheridan School of Continuing and Professional Studies is performing an essential function in our society to develop our workforce, help people through career transitions and ultimately connect them with their passion.  I am honoured to be invited as a guest speaker at Sheridan College on 25th March to share my professional and personal journey. I will be joined by inspirational speakers such as the AVP, Associate Dean and industry professionals.

I encourage you to join us in this event. This session is designed to encourage people to connect with their passion and keep pushing the boundaries of their personal ambition and achievement. It may give you a perspective that can open life experiences for you by hearing the real life stories of other individuals.

It am honored to be speaker at this event and look forward to connect with the attendees.

The registration link is here

The event brochure below captures the details:


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