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Live From Saigon: Happy Chinese and Vietnamese New Year: Travel Tips

To all my friends and followers who are celebrating the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year today – all the very best for you and your family. For all those travellers who want to experience this INCREDIBLE energy next time in Asia, here are some tips :

  • Tip 1: Book Early. This is the biggest holiday in the region and one not to be missed. The flights get sold out in every direction from major destinations. It is best to get to your city a few days early and watch it transform into a pulsating source of positive energy
  • Tip 2: Connect with Locals. Many tourist walk around in the main streets without connecting with locals. I am in Saigon and I have found incredible people who are eager to give me details on the customs and culture surrounding this event. For an incredible moment that I experienced which connecting with locals, check out Joining Vietnamese Family Tradition for New Year Celebration


  • Tip 3: Absorb the culture: Let the experience flow. Absorb the culture. For example, I am blown away at the importance of Floral Decorations in Saigon. There are flowers EVERYWHERE. Beautiful and rare decorative trees, artisans, vendors, concerts and much more. Don’t have a set schedule.. roam the streets and let the experiences come to you


  • Tip 4: Wander off the beaten path. For example, most of the tourist I saw in Saigon were on the main waling streets of Nguyen Hue. However, only a short distance away on Nguyen Thi Minh Kai road there is a GIAGANTIC festival going on with only a 2 dollar entry ticket filled with dancing dragons, floral decorations, food, rides and many more things.


Tip 5: Do Your Research: Your experience will be a lot better if you understand actually what is going on! A simple Wikipedia search  for example tell you the similarities and differences between the Chinese and the Vietnamese (Tet) New Year even though they are on the same day




Enjoy the pictures and definitely put this on the bucket list!


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