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My MBA from Finland for FREE

I did my MBA from Finland. It changed my life. It started my ‘professional’ backpacking career that took me to IBM in Finland, Unisys in Australia and incredible destinations around the world. I would find a job in a country that I knew nothing about and then travel that region. It all started with a 1 dollar application.

As someone who had absolutely no money to pay for an MBA and a student loan – it was almost unbelievable when I heard that I don’t have to pay for my MBA in Finland and I can actually work for 20 hours a day to support myself. I spent less than 1 dollar on my application process (it was a while ago!) and moved on with my life – little did I know that 2 months later the acceptance package came in the mail which changed my life. I was enroute to Finland 2 months after that with close to 100 dollars in my pocket and a whole bunch of dreams to see Europe!

You always have options in life. It is just a matter of going off the beaten path

The current higher education legislation in Finland states that regular Finnish higher education degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorates) offered by Finnish higher education institutions do not charge tuition fees, regardless of the nationality of the student. For more information, please visit the site

The rules may have changed since I went there a long time ago but the concept that opportunities are around the corner if you dare to dream will always be valid. Where will your next adventure take you?

Finland is an incredible country with honest and hardworking people and will always have a special place in my heart!

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