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  • Hi! My name is Sultan Akif and I have travelled across 65 countries on this wonderful planet as a student, backpacker and a corporate executive. My focus is to encourage a [...]

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  • As I sit at the Hanoi airport ready to depart to Thailand, the awesome memories for the last 20 days in Vietnam come to mind.┬áVietnam was an incredible experience and I [...]

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100 People. 100 Stories

  • #NoMoreApathy. Apathy does not help anyone. It does not help the town, the community, the country, the world and it definitely does not help the individual self. This is a [...]

100 Moments of Inspiration

  •   Building the first Experience Your Life library in Katmandu Nepal was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. The video below captures the journey, the [...]

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